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Psalms 112:4, 7

This is a hard one! It’s hard to trust the Lord but that is exactly what we are called to do when we come to Christ, trust Him to save us eternally.  

While we believe we have eternal life, it’s sometimes harder to trust Him with our lives right now, when things aren’t going as we planned.

Let the day to day trust be as unwavering as the trust we have in salvation.   
Light shines in the darkness for the godly. They are generous, compassionate, and righteous. Good comes to those who lend money generously and conduct their business fairly. Such people will not be overcome by evil. Those who are righteous will be long remembered. They do not fear bad news; they confidently trust the Lord to care for them.
Psalms 112:4‭-‬7 NLT



John 12:36

Put your trust in the light while there is still time; then you will become children of the light.” After saying these things, Jesus went away and was hidden from them.
John 12:36 NLT


Psalm 20:7

When I was younger I knew that money grew on trees.  You see, I was a bit of a gypsy, moving every few years, and I always landed on my feet.  Things always worked out.  I had a strong faith back then, even though I refused to give God the glory.

To think how much I could have accomplished for Him, but I didn’t.  I actively worked against Him during those years and He still didn’t give up on me!  

Anyway, it took Him letting me fall a few times for me to realize that money doesn’t grow on trees and sometimes the kindest thing a parent can do is to let a little one fall a bit (supervised of course).

It took some heartaches before I figured out that faith is only safe in Him.  Faith squandered elsewhere is like playing russian roulette, and while it’s exciting in theory, the reality can harm or kill you.

I shake my head when people talk about their glory days, how free they were and wouldn’t it be great to go back to more innocent times?  And I think they must be nuts!

There isn’t enough money in the world that would make me WANT to return to the heartless, reckless, idiotic, girl I was before.  Because now?  

Now I have God, or rather He has me.  I may be poor, I may struggle, I may not have the courage to up and move without a thought for tomorrow like I used to, but I have real faith now.  I have the promise of a home and family forever.

I don’t delude myself that this life will be easy anymore.  I know it won’t be and that’s ok, because God has taught me to roll with the punches and He’s there for me.

Take a shortcut and stop trusting in things, stop trusting in bank accounts and net worth, and investments.  Those can all go sour in a heartbeat. Have faith that you will take a few falls, but it will be ok if you trust in Him.

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.
Psalm 20:7 NIV


Romans 9:30-32

What does all this mean? Even though the Gentiles were not trying to follow God’s standards, they were made right with God. And it was by faith that this took place. But the people of Israel, who tried so hard to get right with God by keeping the law, never succeeded. Why not? Because they were trying to get right with God by keeping the law instead of by trusting in him. They stumbled over the great rock in their path.
Romans 9:30‭-‬32 NLT

God is overflowing in grace and mercy and love.  He offers it to us.  Why do we find it so hard to accept?

We are jaded.  We are taught that nothing in life is free.  And this is true of this world.  God’s grace and mercy that leads to salvation wasn’t free.  There was a price that had to be paid. 

Jesus paid it.

He paid the price over 2,000 years ago so you wouldn’t have to. 

The gift of salvation is free …now.  We simply have to accept it from the One who purchased it for us.

Moments of Clarity


I love being surprised by little moments of perfect clarity. I believe these are the moments when God blesses you with 20/20 vision, to let you know that you’re on the right track. I received one of these moments today.

I was just sitting down to work, doing a task that I really don’t need much focus on, so my mind drifted, as it usually does.

I started thinking about an issue that I have with speaking up. I just don’t do it. My mom made a joking comment this morning about how she doesn’t know how I can remember everything I need to remember without talking out loud. She watches me gather all my stuff together each morning before work. To the outside world it looks like chaos, but in my mind, I’m perfectly organized! As long as it’s relatively quiet, I can hear myself think loud and clear. In fact, I’m a total loud mouth in my own mind!

But the reality is, I don’t speak up. I used to qualify that statement with, “…in a group of people” but that isn’t true either. I just don’t speak up, most of the time. Sure, I can chat and get downright chatty at times, usually when I’ve had a lot of sugar or coffee, but I’m also just as comfortable in silence. I’m more at home observing.

So my mind is wandering and these thoughts are flickering through and scenarios begin forming. One scenario is speaking up in group and sharing my testimony out loud. Face to face with someone. And here is where the perfect moment of clarity came to me and smacked me with some truths…the main one is….

God loves me, completely and perfectly. My trust in Him is not misplaced.

This seems like an easy one but it’s taken a long time for my heart to truly trust in Gods love. The words were bright but the reality was dim. When I recognize how easy it is for me to turn to God with everything…my fears, insecurities, my sins, my thoughts, my hopes, my thanks… it was finally made clear to me that I truly do trust in Gods love.

When these scenarios pop in my head about talking with people vs. talking with God, His perfect love is made crystal clear and I turn to Him every time with the familiarity and ease of a daughter secure in her Father’s love. I never had that kind of security and love from my father here on earth. It’s just one more area in my heart that God is healing.

People are sinful. We’re prone to disapproval and snap judgments. We make off-hand comments we don’t think much about but those same little comments cause hurt in others that can fester and last a long time. Sometimes those comments last a lifetime no matter how much we lie to ourselves and say they don’t matter.

I recognize that I have a long way to go before I am able to humble myself enough, to forget about myself and these past issues, in order to step out for GOD in the way that I should. But I also see each one of these little moments as God’s healing hand repairing all the damage in me so that I can.


Minute by minute,

hour by hour,

day by day,

week by week,

month by month,

year by year,

by year…

There is no end in sight…

Engulfed in darkness, slave to chains

Depressed and hopeless is she.

Lost to herself, circled by pains,

addictions blind, she can’t see.

Loathing so thick, fills her up,

hatred spills from her eyes,

Condemnation comforts her,

fear of freedom breeds lies.

Then one day, a seed so small,

reflects a spark of light.

Working for a bit of hope,

finding reasons to fight.

With every breath, the light does grow,

overcoming the darkness.

Breathing in she feels it flow

renewing her soul with rest.

Hour by hour, day by day,

she will rest upon her Lord.

Trusting in His strength, she will

keep her addictions at bay.

Proverbs 11:28


Where do you put your trust?

Do you base your feelings of security and safety on how much money is in your 401K or your savings account?

When someone asks you if you are okay, do you think about your finances or portfolio before you answer?

Money is a necessary “thing” in today’s world, and not just today but in history too.  Back when Jesus walked the earth, money was also a necessary “thing”.  Taxes had to be paid, things had to be purchased, tithes needed to be given.

When we put our trust in God, we are not saying we suddenly don’t need money anymore.  What we are saying is we suddenly don’t need to worry and stress about money anymore.  Money is just an object and yet people stress out to the point that some people take their own lives because of it.

Yes, the bills still need to be paid.  Yes, we may struggle and fall on hard times.  Yes, we may need to ask others for help.  But when our trust is in God, whatever situation we find ourselves facing, we know that somehow, some way, at some time, it will work out.  It is temporary.  It too shall pass.

Trusting in money is foolish.  Money comes and goes, it is transient.  The money you hold today, you will not be holding tomorrow.  The amount that looks wonderful today, will look meager in time or may disappear altogether.

God is the same yesterday, today, and will be the same tomorrow too.  He does not change.  He will always be there.  He is security and safety.  He is worthy of your trust.