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Psalms 66:16

There is an excitement to this Psalm, a powerful joy that sweeps through the reader.

I can picture sparkling eyes, filled with excitement, arms motioning, beckoning others closer as the teller prepares to share.

Unlike a standard story, this is an invitation to something personal…”I will tell you what He did for me”. 

When was the last time you extended a personal invite like this?  Were you excited?

Come and listen, all you who fear God, and I will tell you what he did for me.
Psalms 66:16 NLT



His Story

​He has sent us into His story for His great purpose..

Quote from When Hope Grows Up: Hope in His plan devotional by Justine Brooks Froelker

This devotional talked about how to go on when your dreams don’t work out like you planned, or when it’s time to give one up.  This little quote reminded me that it’s ultimately not about what I want, but what HE wants.  It’s His Story, not mine, and it’s not over yet.

The bible teaches us that we can plan and and plan but He will guide our steps.  Sometimes we fail to pay attention though and get off track.  Not all of our dreams are in God’s plan for us, they may not be part of His story.

While we may feel kicked at times having to let go of a dream here and there…we STILL have hope because our HOPE isn’t in the things of this world but in Him!