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Psalms 75:1

There aren’t nearly enough people telling of God’s wonderful deeds.

It seems like there are more people shaking their fists at God than there are bowing their heads to Him.  

We live in a country where everyone pushes you into a “feel good” mindset that the minute you don’t “feel good” about anything, it must be wrong.  Not that YOU might be wrong, never that, IT whatever causes you not to feel good must be wrong.

It’s bogus.

Overweight? Instead of the truth of being unhealthy, we now have a whole movement going trying to make being overweight “feel good” and the new beautiful.  

The reality is that your weight has nothing at all to do with your worth as a person and if people would quit confusing the two and deal with the issue by leaving the self esteem and emotion out of it, it would stop being a problem.

If I have a scratch on my arm, I’m not going to spend time feeling awful about myself because I have a scratch.  Nor will I start a movement to try and convince people that having a scratch is the new beautiful.  I’ll take care of the scratch and move on, not giving it much thought.

Feeling hopeless, stressed, or unloved?  Quit popping pills, and self-medicating with alcohol…none of your self-prescribed regimens work at the root of the issue.  

There is only one cure and that is God.  When you develop a relationship with Him, all this other STUFF gets downsized and put in the proper perspective.  It doesn’t take center stage in your life because that place is filled.  He allows you to see these things and helps you deal.

He is hope. He is the Healer.  He created us and He knows how to fix us.

We thank you, O God! We give thanks because you are near. People everywhere tell of your wonderful deeds.
Psalms 75:1 NLT