Prayer Series – 1 of 7



For the next 7 days, I’m going to put a spotlight on what the Bible says about prayer and praying.  Prayer is such a powerful skill in the life of a Christian. and as with all skills, it must be taught and practiced to become comfortable with it.

I’m sure there are some people who became Christians who were able to jump into prayer with both feet and didn’t feel at all weird or awkward about talking out loud to an empty room; or (God forbid) standing up in front of a group of people and pouring their heart out to Him.

I, however, am not one of those people.  For me, it has taken a lot of studies, a lot of transitional time to feel comfortable talking to God.  To develop that relationship with my Creator, I’ve spent the past several years listening to other people offer their heartfelt prayers.  I’ve spent countless hours in devotionals relating to prayer and relationship.  I’ve read different versions of the Bible paying attention to countless examples of the prayer-life of believers.

I can say that I’m now at a point where I’m comfortable talking to God.  I’m comfortable during the day, anywhere, having silent, private chats with Him in my head.  I’m comfortable writing my prayers and I don’t feel stupid or silly shedding tears with Him behind closed doors.  I am comfortable praying to God with and for my child.  I may never feel comfortable in front of a group of people but I’m doing pretty good one-on-one, which is progress.  This relationship we have with God is a journey and a process and each step forward brings us in closer and deeper with God.

I’m going to share my notes on the Word Study today.  I took it from Strong’s Concordance. The words:  Pray, Prayer, Praying, Prayest … there are so many occurrences of these words in the Bible.  Related words are: request, ask, wish, desire.  I didn’t include the number of times each of these is found in the Bible, nor did I include everything listed about each one.  For that, you’ll have to dig in on your own.  Below were the words that I felt, conveyed the widest array of usage and the most common found.



#4336 proseuchomai, Pros-yoo’-khom-ahee – this word is taken from #4314 and 2172

to pray to God ie. supplicate worship – pray.  Always used of “prayer” to God.

See:  Rom 8:26, Eph 6:18, Phil 1:9, 1 Ti 2:8, Heb 13:18

#2172  euchomai, yoo’-khom-ahee, primary verb to wish, by impl. to pray to God, prayer is involved.

See: 2 Cor 13:7, Jas 5:16, Acts 27:29, 2 Cor 13:9, 3 Jn 1:2, Acts 26:29

#4314  pros – direction, forward or toward, unto or to…ex. pray to God or unto god.

#6419 palal, paw-lal’  prim. root — to judge, intercede, pray, mediate, intervene.  Reflexive/reciprocal form – points back to the subject also emphasizes prayer as two-way communication.

See:  Gen 20:7, Nu 21:7, Deut 9:20, 1 Sam 12:23

#7878 siyach, see’-akh — prim root   to ponder (by impl) converse (with oneself, and aloud) or utter, talk, meditate, speak, complain, pray, commune, muse.

#7592  sha>al, shaw-al  — prim root   to inquire, ask, enquire, desire, require, borrow, salute, demand, lent, request.

See: Ps 122:6

#154 aiteo, ahee-teh’-o    verb, to ask, attitude of a suppliant. The petition of one who is lesser in position than he to whom the petition is made.

See:  Mt 7:7 “Ask (aiteo) and it shall be given you, seek and…

As a child from a parent

#2065 erotao, er-o-tah’-o — to request, attitude of equals, petition of one equal to another.

See: Lk 14:32 King to King, Jn 14:16, Jn 16:26 Jesus equal to Father, Jn 17:9, 15, 20 Jesus talking to the Father as equals, never as aiteo.

#1783 enteuxis, ent’-yook-sis — an interview, supplication, intercession, prayer

A meeting with, then a conversation, and hence a petition.  Used for approaching a king, and so for boldly approaching God in intimate intercession and prayer.  [Seeking the presence and hearing of God on behalf of others.]

See: 1 Ti 2:1, 2


The days following, will focus on a Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How categorization of prayer throughout the Bible.  I’ll be letting God’s Word be the teacher, through verses that serve as examples.  They will answer basic questions such as:

Who do we pray to? Or for?

What do we pray for?

When should we pray?

Where should we pray?

How do we pray?

Why are we to pray?

I gained a lot of confidence and knowledge through this study and I pray you will too!




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