Proverbs 18:14

Physical pain and injury is so much easier to recover from than emotional pain.  With physical injury, you can take active steps to healing.  See the wound, clean the wound, treat the wound, bandage it, and you see daily progress of healing.  

Not so with injury to your spirit.  It’s like being blind and fumbling through the pain to try and find relief.  Is there progress?   Who knows? You can’t see the wound to assess it. Will it ever end?

While you can self treat many physical injuries, you are helpless when it comes to spiritual ones.  You need a healer with 20-20 vision.  You need someone you can trust.  Someone who knows the inner workings of the spirit.

There is only One healer for the spirit.  The One who created it.

God is our Master Healer.  

Men/women get degrees to learn how to adjust the way people think and feel and while they do offer some help in coping with emotions and thoughts, they cannot heal the spirit.

Only God can cure a crushed spirit, because the spirit is of God.
The human spirit can endure a sick body, but who can bear a crushed spirit?
Proverbs 18:14 NLT


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