Proverbs 18:23

Welcome to our world!  Where you will even find the poor answering the “poorer” with insults rather than mercy.

Has the world gone completely cold? Unfeeling? Emotionless?  

How have we not learned these lessons in being humane yet?  How many times must we witness needless suffering, abuse, genocide?  My argument is that we are all human…but I’m honestly not sure anymore.

When faced with suffering, no true human being can turn away and offer nothing.  When faced with starving, malnourished, hopeless children who reach out for help…human beings respond with compassion.  But THAT isn’t what we’re witnessing.  We witness more and more people who watch and DO nothing.

It isn’t just rich anymore …. the poor are now mimicking the rich and insulting those who have less.

We are losing what it means to be human.
The poor plead for mercy; the rich answer with insults.
Proverbs 18:23 NLT


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