Babylonian/Biblical Months

While going through the Book of Ezra, one thing that keeps tripping me up is the timeline.  I’ll be doing another post about the Persian Kings, but this one is simply informative about the months mentioned in the Bible.

There are numerous web sites that go really in-depth on this, so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here.  For my own sanity I need to include this list in my notes because I keep having to go back and look them up.

Nisan (Abib) – 1st month – March/April

Iyyar (Ziv) – 2nd month – April/May

Sivan – 3rd month – May/June

Tammuz – 4th month – June/July

Ab – 5th month – July/August

Elul – 6th month – August/September

Tishri (Ethanim) – 7th month – September/October

Marcheshvan (Kheshvan or Bul) – 8th month – October/November

Chistev – 9th month – November/December

Tebeth – 10th month – December/January

Shebat – 11th month – January/February

Adar – 12 month – February/March

Easton’s Bible Dictionary


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