Ezra Chapter 5


Haggai and Zechariah both prophesied within a couple months of each other.  Haggai prophesied first and sparked a fire in Zerubbabel and Jeshua to restart the work on the temple.  2 months later, Zechariah prophesied for all to return to God.

Haggai focused on the work for God while Zechariah focused on the people.

Once the work started up again, Tattenai, the governor of the province beyond the Euphrates river, confronted the Jews questioning whether they had permission to resume work.  This time, when a letter was sent to King Darius, the Jews didn’t stop working on the temple.  They would wait until a reply was received.

Tattenai was a pretty decent sort apparently.  Fair and impartial.  His letter to King Darius showed this because it didn’t contain any malice or lies.  It was a straight-forward request to King Darius to look for the original decree given by King Cyrus.  The letter related the history of the temple, leading up to the exile of the Jews by Nebuchadnezzar until the first year of King Cyrus when they were sent back to rebuild it on the royal dime.

As I was reading through Guzik’s commentary, one thing really stood out to me.  Haggai’s prophecy was rebuking them because they were content to let the cause of the Lord suffer for the sake of their comfort.

How often do we do the very same thing?

How often are we too busy, over-scheduled, or too tired to take part in God’s cause, in our case, the spreading of the Gospel?

When was the last time you let your personal comfort get in the way of sharing the Gospel with a friend, relative, neighbor or acquaintance?  I know I have bitten my tongue rather than speak up because I was uncomfortable.

I need to do better.




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