Ezra Chapter 2

Chapter 2 in Ezra is a huge list of all those returning to Jerusalem after exile in Babylon.

10,000 were originally led into exile by Nebuchadnezzar (2 Kings 24:14)

The whole assembly numbered 42,360, besides their male and female servants who numbered 7,337.  This was not the grand total of those returning from exile but was the first wave (Guzik).

Upon arrival, heads of father’s households offered up 61,000 gold drachmas, 5000 silver minas, 100 priestly garments.  “Willingly”.

This is sacrificial giving as these exiles really didn’t have much when they returned.  They had been given gold and silver and valuables and animals when they left but this was a group that relocated to start completely over from scratch.


Zerubbabel was the appointed governor of the province of Judah.  He was also the descendant of the last reigning Judean King.  He was of the line of David.  (Guzik)

Those with questionable genealogies were excluded from the priesthood pending further research.  This show strict adherence to God’s Law and much respect for God.

One thought on “Ezra Chapter 2

  1. tugoffaith

    I’ve always been confused (bored?) with the genealogies in the Bible, though I know they are important for historical and cultural records. I think it’s interesting you say they had to start over all from scratch. Interesting to think about.



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