Ezra Chapter 1

I’m back!!!  So, I was away from my blog for a while but I’m going to hopefully get back into posting my studies again.  Nothing will be fancy this time around just a mish-mash of my thoughts and the notes I jot down.

Book of Ezra is dated about 440 bc.

Return of the Jews from exile in Babylon and the rebuilding of the temple.

Historical Facts to Check:

1:1  Cyrus King of Persia (Babylon) 1st year of his reign… this is Cyrus II The Great.

Mithredath, the treasurer  – couldn’t find much mention


Sheshbazzar which means Prince of Judah (more closely defined as appointed Governor)

Chapter 1 fulfills Jeremiah 29:10 Prophecy…”for thus says the LORD, when 70 years have been completed for Babylon, I will visit you and fulfill my good word to you, to bring you back to this place.”

1:4  Again the Jews are leaving slavery/exile with goods,animals, gold and silver, being given to them from the people.  Similar to the Exodus when they were given silver and gold from the Egyptians.


King Cyrus’ proclamation that the temple in Jerusalem must be rebuilt.  He restores the Holy vessels to the Jews and the people are gifted animals, silver and gold, goods and valuables.

After reading some other studies, it seems the timeline of events may be in question. Certain accounts say this was an all at once event to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple, other accounts say it was a trickle effect with the holy vessels coming later.  The controversy seems to hinge on whether or not Sheshbazzar and  Zerubbabel were one and the same person and the timing of the return of the Holy vessels to the temple.  Did they go with the Jews or were they sent later after the temple was already rebuilt?   From what I was able to research, it seems that Sheshbazzar is another name for Zerubbabel so that would indicate an all-at-once return from exile.

For my study purposes, I don’t think it matters that much to me and I’m not one to get hung up on issues I really have no training to figure out one way or another.  I’ll let the scholars battle this one out.




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