For Christmas, my oldest son got me the best coloring book ever!


I thought .. Cool!  I can do up a page a day.  Right?  WRONG!  It took me 3 days to color up this one page and each time I’d go back to work on it for a few more minutes, I’d reread the verse and think on it as I was coloring.


But that’s not all.  This book also gives you a full page to take notes or just record your thoughts.  You can add information from commentaries or do word studies.  Whatever you feel like!


I love this type of book.  It allows for freedom.  My mind can wander as I’m coloring and focusing on the verse.

I know this sounds like an advertisement for the book but it’s not.  I truly love this book and will be posting more pictures as I get them colored.

My son is awesome!


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