Digital Scrapbooking of Bible Verses – FREE

So my sister is huge into visual Bible Journaling.  She is super artistic and very talented when it comes to drawing and all things visual.  Me?  I can barely draw a stick figure on a good day but…after months of watching her work…I finally figured out a way I can tap into some of the “visual” stuff too…digital scrapbooking.

I used to do digital scrapbooking a long time ago but I got out of it because it took too much time and all that.  Life got in the way, didn’t have the money to put into and all that.

Well, I figured out how to do some basic digital “scrapbooking” with open source and free online software that will allow me to dress up some of my favorite Bible verses to post online.

I used Open Office Draw to insert some of the freebie digital scrapbooking elements (the back ground stuff).  Then I used it to enter text (the Bible verse).  But when I went to save it, it didn’t save as a jpg.  It saved as an open office draw file.  I did find where I could export it from the program to a pdf so I did that.  Then I went online to a free pdf to jpg converter  and turned it into a jpg so I could upload it as a photo.

Here is my first 2 minute project:

Be_still (1)

I am excited!

4 thoughts on “Digital Scrapbooking of Bible Verses – FREE

  1. Tara D

    I love how it came out and so glad you jumped in to play along 🙂 It is great that people don’t have to spend a bunch of money to play digitally 🙂 I can’t wait to see more 🙂

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  2. Peabea

    That is so awesome Tawni. I saw you joined the group or had asked. I too cannot draw so I do digital, but with the groups you sister led me to, I have been trying some hands on bible journaling scrapbooking, but with my limited income, the digital is more economical for me plus I love digital anyway. Your graphic turned out very pretty. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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