Do you Love me?

“Do you love me?”
My eyes close and air the air rushes out of my lungs,
I become small, in defeat, while my thoughts spin in chaos
“Ask me to show you, tell me to prove it, see the emotions in my eyes but don’t ask me to say the words…words lie, words don’t matter, I know firsthand.”
Looking to Him I nod, a world of feelings unsaid in my eyes, willing Him to know me.

“Do you love me?”
He knows. The intensity in His eyes sears me and the pain radiates throughout my body. He knows…and He wants my all. Past, present and future, He settles for nothing less than everything.
Hurt and rebellion are reflected in my gaze and as I try and rebuild the wall inside; a small whimper escapes my lips and I nod again, looking away from His stare. He will not let me go.

“Do you love me?”
I crumple to my knees before Him. I shatter inside as images of Creation explode through my brain. A voice of Thunder rebounds in my skull …And God said, “Let there be Light…and there was Light” The power of the Word…The Power of the Word…the past burns away on the wind, the present brings me to my knees and my future is known in Him…
and I answer boldly,
“I love You Lord Jesus.”

“Actions speak louder than words.”

While that statement is completely true, sometimes people need to hear the words too…words do matter.  In this world full of lies and deceit, words do matter.  Make sure the words you say everyday honor God.  After all, the entire world was created through the Word.

We’ve all been hurt at one time or another (sometimes repeatedly) by the callous, heartless, thoughtless words of another.  That rhyme “sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me”…that is one of the cruelest lies I’ve ever heard.  I’d rather you hit me with a stick or break my leg…physical wounds heal faster than the cruel words of someone whom you thought loved you.

Your words can create … images, feelings, emotions, ideas.  Make sure your words are creating good for those who hear them.  Then make sure your actions work in harmony with your words.

Live in Truth!


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