Today was our annual Church picnic and baptisms.  Baptism is one of the things that I’ve wanted to do since coming to Christ but I also wanted to find a church family too.  Once I found a church to call “home”, my baptism followed and I praise God for leading me here today.

Tristan was fearless and volunteered to go second.  This is him walking out to meet the guys.DSCN7248

He’s asking all his questions of course. DSCN7249

Ready, set, go…   I feel so bad that I couldn’t get a pic of Tris coming up out of the water but the camera paused at that point. DSCN7251

My Turn!DSCN7253

Choked up after watching Tristan but totally ready… DSCN7254And down I go…



4 thoughts on “Baptism

  1. Peabea

    Congratulations. So awesome to be baptized like that. When little, I saw my grandmother baptized in the river. I was baptized in the Church baptismal. Praise Jesus and so happy for you and your son.

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