What’s in YOUR balloon?


I was browsing pictures online and came across this one and it just hit me so hard.  The neutral tones all around, including the girl, with the bright splash of colors only on the balloons, made me think that in this moment…only the balloons mattered.  The girl didn’t matter, she could be anyone.  It’s the balloons that mattered.

She’s going to let them go.  She’s looking away because it’s hard and she doesn’t want to witness their fate.  She’s going to let them go…finally….

I think back over my life and I remember people.  So many people have crossed my path over the years.  Some I thought for sure would be by my side forever…and yet they aren’t.

I think back and remember beloved pets with fondness, their memories I cherish still.

I think back and remember things I’ve done, that I wish today I had never experienced.  I think back and remember seeing things I wish now that I could forget.  I think back and remember people that I never should have held onto.

I think back over the years and I remember putting many people, things, experiences, memories, actions, emotions, and habits into my own colorful balloons.  I’ve let most of my balloons go now with my Heavenly Father hugging me through it.

I still have a few balloons I need to let fly…

Do you?

What’s in your balloon?


4 thoughts on “What’s in YOUR balloon?

  1. Peabea

    Oh how that speaks to me during the past few years. I’ve had to let go of some really close balloons that I thought, as you say, we close and cherished me, but they didn’t. Even family sometimes, you just have to walk away; especially if they walked away first. Love the balloon analogy….maybe I need to do it for real and let some fly and then forgive some of the things I regret too. Thank you for your great post. 🙂

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  2. GeoJono

    I have a few balloons of my own. I’ve released the easier ones. Some I’ve released and quickly grabbed again. Others I know I have and I know I need to let them go, but my pride keeps me from opening my hand, or I’m afraid to let them go. Some of my balloons I hide and pretend to have released when others are around, but I have them still.

    There have been some victories—some hard fought—and many failures when it comes to releasing my balloons. Some of those balloons I love so much. Perhaps I’m forced to admit that I love some of those balloons more than I love our Lord. Those are the worst! I hate those balloons.

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    1. Tawni Post author

      I think the key is being able to recognize which balloons are coming before our Lord in our lives. Then the great thing is … we ask Him to take on this burden for us. We don’t have to let the balloons go on our own strength. When it’s time…He will put that overwhelming desire inside of us and it will be the easiest thing to do. It’s how I let smoking go ~ easy as pie after over 20 years of failing at trying to quit. Easy as pie! Praise God and His strength~



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