I see you…

“I see you,” He whispers
and I turn away.
“Come to me,” He softly calls
and I run.

But He doesn’t give up.
He always comes back.
Watching, calling me softly,
listening for my tears.

He can’t understand, I tell myself.
If He only knew…
I’m not good enough,
the things I’ve done…

“I see you,” He whispers
“I understand,” He reassures
“You can be forgiven,”
“Simply ask…”

And I want to so much
but I am not worthy.
I’ll just screw up again
like I always do…

He no longer whispers,
His words like rushing waters
“My mercies are new every morning…”
“Come to me…”

I cry because I want His forgiveness
I need the hope He gives
I need His strength
but I cannot face the judgment of others.

“I see you,” His peace floods me
“I hear you,” Joy fills me up
“You can do all things through Me,”
I am overflowing with His courage…

And I ask…

The heavens split apart
and I glimpse the angels singing praise
as a celebration is held
for one more soul saved.


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