Minute by minute,

hour by hour,

day by day,

week by week,

month by month,

year by year,

by year…

There is no end in sight…

Engulfed in darkness, slave to chains

Depressed and hopeless is she.

Lost to herself, circled by pains,

addictions blind, she can’t see.

Loathing so thick, fills her up,

hatred spills from her eyes,

Condemnation comforts her,

fear of freedom breeds lies.

Then one day, a seed so small,

reflects a spark of light.

Working for a bit of hope,

finding reasons to fight.

With every breath, the light does grow,

overcoming the darkness.

Breathing in she feels it flow

renewing her soul with rest.

Hour by hour, day by day,

she will rest upon her Lord.

Trusting in His strength, she will

keep her addictions at bay.


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