Imaginary Friend

Some people say I have an imaginary friend…

I cannot see Him with my eyes, yet I recognize Him.

I cannot feel Him with my hands, yet I sense His presence.

I cannot hold a conversation with Him, yet He answers my questions.

I cannot cry on His shoulder, yet He comforts me.

I cannot share a meal with Him, yet I know I will dine with Him.

I cannot take a class from Him, yet He teaches me.

I cannot touch His burdens, yet He takes all of mine.

I cannot go out to meet Him, yet I know He will come for me.

I cannot earn His forgiveness, yet He freely forgives.

I cannot be taken from Him, yet He’ll find me if I wander.

Some people say I have an imaginary friend

A friend who found me when I was lost.

A friend who made me look at myself.

A friend who opened my eyes to eternity.

A friend who gave me courage and strength.

A friend who broke the chains of addiction.

A friend who healed family relationships.

A friend who brought reconciliation.

A friend who guided me to forgiveness.

A friend who loved me through it all.

A friend who never gives up on me.

Some people say I have an imaginary friend…

I say,

Thank God.


4 thoughts on “Imaginary Friend

  1. ladygardeenya

    So happy to see you back into the poetry. This one is such a tribute to our Creator and Savior. Thank you for making God real in such simple terms..

    Liked by 1 person


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