Smith Family Mexico Mission: The Work Begins

Obviously this isn’t a post about my Bible studies but…it is so important all on its own.  Aaron Smith came and spoke at my church not too long ago letting us know about their decision to take their family to Mexico.

It touched me deeply and my prayers will be going with this family.  To be at a point in life where you can even think about selling everything and following Christ, well… that is beautiful.  I admire this family for their faith and their courage to step out and live it.

If anyone reading this is able to help them out, please do so.  Prayers, financially.. whatever you are able.  I know there are many out there all over the world right now…support them in any way you can.

God Bless!


Whew……things are moving fast now.  After the emotion is processed and the shock to our family and friends has dimmed a bit, the reality of the decision has set in.  First came a meeting with Pastor Bill Dunning of Olympia Calvary Chapel (missions pastor) to discuss mission guidelines and details involved with setting up accounts, speaking engagements, and printing off information relating to our trip.  We suddenly felt like we had a lot of work to do and not enough time to do it in.  We actually do have plenty of time, but when looking at a large workload, it always feels daunting to me (Aaron).

Then the work began.  I knew there would be a lot to do once things got rolling, but I didn’t know how much there would be.  It has been rewarding though.  One of the coolest parts of the process so far has been speaking at…

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