Psalm 50:2


This verse is actually talking about God the Judge of the Righteous and the Wicked.  This Psalm is for teaching and instruction.  It is speaking to those who claim to be God’s and yet do not do His will.  God is calling His people to worship in spirit.

This image screamed at me of patience and perfection.  I can imagine the photographer waiting for days, weeks even, to get the perfect shot.  Waiting for the perfect lighting, the perfect peacefulness and stillness of the water, and just the perfect time.

Our God is so very patient with us.  He has waited thousands of years with more years to come perhaps…patiently giving us precious time to choose Him.

Our God is so very perfect.  What our eyes deem as perfection is filthy rags compared to the perfection of our God.

I look at the perfection, patience, peacefulness of this photo…and it is nature doing it’s best to shout out the Glory of God…do you hear it???

Perfection belongs to God on the other side of Heaven…but His patience surrounds us even now…

Praise God~


3 thoughts on “Psalm 50:2

  1. ladygardeenya

    This was perfect for me today. I needed something very calming and peaceful and this did the trick. Amazing how something can touch so deeply when it is just a flat, 2 dimensional photo. That calm, peaceful, colorfully serene photo was exactly what I needed and the verse just reinforced my thinking. Thank you God and Tawni!

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