Psalm 150:1


So, this wasn’t the post that I had planned for tonight.

I actually had planned to focus on the first chapter of Mark, however, I am fighting off a cold and my head is all wonky….so this is what you get ūüôā

I found a great little meme-maker download that is so basic I think I could teach my cat how to use it.¬† If anyone else likes putting words to pictures, you can go here and download this little program¬†¬† I have Norton 360 and it didn’t flag the download file and my computer is still working fine so I think it is virus free ūüôā

Back to this little wordy photo…

Whenever I look up at the sky, it makes me acknowledge just how¬†truly¬†“small”¬†I am.¬† I love¬†cloudy skies of all kinds.¬† I love blue skies (though they make me sneeze horribly).¬† I love puffy white clouds.¬†¬†But my favorite type of sky is the stormy sky full of power and emotion!

I see God in all types of skies.¬† I see His creative hand in nature.¬† And the best time to¬†praise Him is when I’m out¬†in¬†the raw of His creation, underneath His expanse, feeling as small as ever.¬† Yes, I praise God with¬†hands held high, singing totally off-key with whatever song pops into my head (but only when I’m alone in nature LOL), and I praise¬†Him quietly¬†in my mind throughout the day when I see a dozen mini-miracles happen in my life.

I praise Him when I see terrible things on the news because as those things I see get darker and darker everyday, the brighter His light shines.

I praise Him when things are looking great in my life and I praise Him when things are looking bleak because I know He’s about to switch things up again!

Don’t wait for Sunday to Praise God~

Don’t wait for Sunday to think about our God~

Don’t wait for a commercialized holiday to celebrate our Lord and Savior~

Today is reason enough to praise our God and think about how AWESOME He is and celebrate our Lord and Savior!

Praise God!


One thought on “Psalm 150:1

  1. ndnd9

    Hello: I just read that you are fighting off a cold. There is a great cure for colds — just eat fruit and vegetables exclusively for one day and the cold will vanish. No sugar, tea, corn (its a grain) etc. ONLY fruits and vegetables. If you keep this diet for 3 days the cold won’t come back. FYI I also have an information sheet about natural cures for cancer. I’m trying to start a blog — Jesus For The Serious Spiritual Seeker — and that it one of the two posts I currently have on it. I hope you will quickly use the cold cure; I know it will cure you super fast. May the Lord be with you, Nancy Dobson



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