Jeremiah 23:24


When thinking about this verse in-depth, it will affect you in one of two ways:

a.  It will provide you with inner peace and calm…comforting you with the reality and safety of an ever-present God


b.  It will completely creep you out as you think of all the things that our Lord is able to see and know about us!  Oh..and then of course, you get filled with that inner peace and calm and safety, knowing that God SEES everything!  ~laughs~

It reminds me of when I was growing up.  For a time, us kids were totally convinced that my mom had “eyes in the back of her head”.  Once we matured past that stage, we figured out that she just employed a whole network of spies to keep her informed of all that we did!

The truth was a whole lot less dramatic but no less miraculous in our eyes…she manipulated us into telling on ourselves!

As a mom now myself, I realize it is a gift from God to all mothers everywhere and I praise Him for His foresight and wisdom in all things!

So back to God’s Word here…

How many times (a day) do we really believe that God isn’t seeing what we are doing, thinking, feeling etc.?

Our Lord said it best, “Do I not fill the heavens and the earth?” declares the Lord…(This is one of those “Duh” moments!)

So, just to clarify stuff…God sees what you do.  Not just the stuff you do in public but the stuff you do in private too!

God hears your thoughts too…those nasty little tidbits that you might be doing really well by NOT saying out-loud…yeah, He hears every one of them that you bite back.

(Sorry God, I suppose the guy on the other end of the phone today probably isn’t a complete idiot in everyday life, maybe just the one conversation we had.  Please forgive me for thinking bad things about him and help me learn to love my neighbors even when they make it difficult to do so.)

God also sees past all your masks and disguises to who you truly are inside.  Even when you don’t see yourself clearly, He does.

There is no hiding from God.

As creepy and uncomfortable as that knowledge might make you feel…take comfort in the fact that God loves you in spite of it all.

There is peace, freedom and security in knowing that there is ONE that loves you for you.  There is ONE that knows everything already, all the dark secrets of your heart, and yet He leaves His door open for you whenever you may need Him.


4 thoughts on “Jeremiah 23:24

  1. ladygardeenya

    This is the thing . . . since God knows everything I think and say and do, why would He leave the door open for me and encourage me to depend on Him? I have obviously let Him down and not gone to Him when I needed to. I’ve messed up all along the way and He still reaches out His hand to me. I just don’t get it, but I’ll take what is offered. I will never turn Him away. I can’t do anything without His help and even when I don’t ask, He seems to come through for me. I love Jesus Christ and His Father God in Heaven and the Holy Spirit whom He has sent. I know that my life would have been over long ago had my Lord not taken hold of my hand.

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