A Moment of Peace

Noise surrounds me.
I hear the TV in my left ear,
my child in my right ear,
A train whistle from the tracks,
competing with the tea kettle.

Across the room
my tabby cat cleans herself,
innocently slurping her paw and
it adds to this symphony.

Down the hall, the whisper
of another TV escapes a room,
And I notice the ticking of the
the kitchen clock behind me.

I am amazed at what I hear.
In these brief moments of clarity,
within the chaos,
I’m seconds away from insanity,
and God grants me peace.

I silently smile as I listen
to the sound of my chaos.
I am laughing inside,
at the sudden joy I am filled with!
God truly knows what I need
before I even ask.

Thank You, God
and by the way,

Just a note about this poem:  It’s 7:21 pm on 2/13/15, in a small house in the Pacific NW.  I am sitting in my chair with my laptop on my lap…and this poem IS my reality right now!  🙂  I am still smiling, still thanking God, finding more and more sounds absolutely hilarious as they add to the chaotic symphony in my head!  Maybe I have lost my sanity?  ~laughs~  Either way, I’m filled with joy!

Peace to my brothers and sisters around the world, those who are sane and especially those who have lost it, like me!

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