Psalm 136:9


Sometimes we forget to be thankful.

I used to be a night owl.  In my 20’s, I could sleep all morning long and then come fully away in the afternoon and evening and stay up all night.  I really loved the nighttime back then.  I loved the nighttime for all the wrong reasons back then.

When I was a smoker, I’d sit outside at night for my last cigarette of the day and star at the stars and the moon.  And the year before I quit I had come to Christ so it was the most peaceful time to pray.  But, I lost that time when I quit smoking.

As the years go by, I notice that I’m not so much of a night owl anymore.  In fact, I rarely spend time outside my house at night anymore.  Maybe couple times a year for the 4th of July and camping, but that is all the time I spend to notice just how loving God really was when He created the moon and stars.

The moon of itself, has no light.  It reflects the light of the sun.  In that same way, we too should reflect the light of our Savior.

The stars that we see burn brightly in the sky, but when we see them, we are seeing into history, not the present.  This reminds me that the things I do today, in this lifetime, have the potential to burn brightly in the future.

God loves you.

He gives you His light by day and also by night.  There is no place or time that God is not there with His light.  When you feel invisible in the dark…when you are lost in that dark lonely space of no hope…God has given you a light if you will open your eyes to see it.  In light or dark, there is beauty and love from God.  We just need to recognize it.

Thank you, God.

4 thoughts on “Psalm 136:9

  1. ladygardeenya

    Spring is on the horizon so the times to sit outside in the evenings will return. They meant so much to both of us for so long, but now they will be even more special. A time to breathe freely and enjoy the beauty of the world that was created as a habitat for us. I love the rural setting!

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