Isaiah 44:22


The love God has for His people (Israel) is so clearly shown throughout the Bible.  Yes, God reproves and disciplines those He loves.  Israel has been disciplined harshly over the years, but after everything, God is always there with His arms wide open waiting patiently for them to come to Him.  His grace and mercy is new every morning.  His forgiveness is complete.

I ran across a statement on one of the websites I was browsing and it said something that really stuck with me.  I’m sorry I can’t remember where.

It said that we don’t repent in order that God may redeem us.  We repent because God redeemed us.

That’s a little statement with a huge meaning.

I’ve said it before along with many other people, God meets us right where we’re at.  You don’t have to be perfect for God to save you.  In fact, you can’t be perfect.  If you were perfect you wouldn’t need to be saved.

The idea of repentance is that it’s a turning away from and a turning to.  Out with the old and in with the new right?  Turn away from the bad and turn to the good.  Turn away from what is holding you back or causing you to stumble and turn to God who will never hold you back or cause you to stumble.

God calls for His people to return to Him.  Over and over in Scripture He calls to his people.  Over and over in Scripture He waits with forgiving arms to welcome His own.  Over and over…

I look at my own life and how many times I turned away from His call before I finally couldn’t turn away anymore.  40 years…I may as well have been wandering in the desert huh?

His forgiving arms were open for me.

He’s waiting for you too, will you turn to Him?

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