Luke 24:15


This verse was taken from the experience of two on the road to Emmaus after Jesus had been crucified and rose from the tomb on the third day.

I keep thinking about the people my son and I meet when we go out on walks.  We have no destination in mind really, we are just out to walk until we tire and enjoy the fresh air.  It’s a peaceful time for him and I and when we aren’t cranky, we have a lot of fun.  Some of the best conversations we have about God are out on our walks.

My son is 7 and very out-going.  He has never met a stranger before because in his eyes, if the person smiles and is nice, they must be a friend.  If only I could be a child again, I am very shy in comparison!

  Anyway, on our walks we pass by many people out enjoying the weather as we are.  My son will smile really big at them and say hi, right before diving into a conversation about their dog or the fact that they are out walking like us (the common denominator conversation.)  He asks to pet their dog and what the dogs name is and if the dog is nice.  We introduce ourselves and they introduce themselves and we chat for a few minutes before wishing each other well and continuing on our walk.

It’s amazing to me how people respond to him, and to me as a result of being with him.  If I were alone, I would miss meeting these nice people and I would miss giving and sharing smiles with others because that just doesn’t happen very often for adults.

I know Jesus won’t be walking up to me on the road when I go walking.  I know that I won’t see Him face to face until my time here on earth is done or the Rapture comes, whichever may come first.

But Jesus is still with me.

I carry His Words and my love for Him in my heart.  I see Him in all of creation.  I see Him in the tiny miracles that happen daily in my life.  Others may call these little miracles “luck” or “coincidence”, but I know and see what they are.  They are the hand of my Savior at work providing for my every need.  I don’t question His love for me or try and minimize His works in my life to not sound crazy to my friends.

I simply say, “Thank You Lord!”

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