1 Peter 5:7


While this is a cute image at first glance, it is ripe with meaning.

When I look at this image, I see a mighty lion, a King, bowing down in service to another.  This mighty Lion could easily overpower the weaker female and yet He does not.  He humbly bows before her while she roars at Him.

This image doesn’t advocate taking out your frustrations on your husband or boyfriend.  It doesn’t promote treating another badly simply because you know they care for you and will stay by you.

This image and the Scripture shows me my Savior, Jesus Christ.  He is Almighty God.  He is strong enough for all MY worries and doubts and anger and frustrations.  He can take it and deal with in ways I cannot even imagine.  He cares for me and gladly will take my burdens.  Who on earth is remotely like Him???

When was the last time you cast your anxiety on Him?

Or, do you make a practice of taking out your anxiety on those around you instead?

We all forget sometimes and I thank God for the ability to love and be forgiven by those who love me.  I am blessed that those who love me forgive over and over when life stresses me out and I don’t give it to my God as quickly as I should.

It’s something I am personally working on.

Are you?


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