Left Behind Series



Every once in a while I run across a series of books that are just so good that I want to read them over and over.  This is one of those series and I literally have read the entire series 3 times so far.   Each time, I take something more away from it.

This series is a fiction series.  It is action packed and the characters are so well-developed that you can identify with them easily.  I first read this series back around the end of December 2012 into the new year of 2013.

When I began reading these books, I was just into End of the World type fiction books.  It was a phase I was going through.  I was not a believer in Christ back then.  In fact I had lived most of my 40 years turning my back on Christ.  I knew there was a God but because of my past and bad experiences with “Christians”, I wanted nothing to do with Christ.  The only reason I started reading these books is because my mom bought them through kindle and she knew I was into End of the World scenarios.

After reading through a couple of these books, my heart exploded wide open and I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior, seeing my need for a Savior for the first time.

Did I become a believer because I read these books?  No.  But these books appeared in my life, I believe, at just the right time, to deliver just the right message I needed to hear.  I don’t believe in coincidences, I never have.  I truly believe God got His message to me in a way He knew I would listen, because I surely wouldn’t listen any other way!

I love how God can use anything to open a persons eyes when it’s time.

It’s been a wild ride of complete change since these books came into my life.  After reading this series on kindle, we bought every one of them to have in our house.  We bought the kids series too, which is just as good and in some respects I think, even better than the adult series.

If you never have another series of books in your home, make this series the one you have.  It can change your life.


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