Ecclesiastes 11:7


I used to think that nothing was worse than those “happy morning people”!  You know the ones I’m talking about.  The ones that wake up every morning and are able to jump in the shower and get a move on and greet other people with chipper smiles…ALL BEFORE THEY’VE HAD A CUP OF COFFEE!

Sorry…it’s just unnatural!

Well, as I get older I’d like to say that I’ve changed my tune and am now one of those “happy morning people”…but that would be a total lie!  ~laughs~

I have gotten better but I am by no means a “morning person”.  I do however, understand the concept of Light being sweet.

And I thank God every day for granting me one more day because let’s face it…every day is a gift from Him.

When I think about the light of day vs. the dark of night, the contrast of activities is stark.  During the day, children play, people walk their dogs, strangers exchange smiles as they pass each other on the street.  But during the night, people go out drinking, crimes are most often committed, drugs are exchanged.

The Light is sweet and it does please the eyes to see the sun because where the light is, no darkness is found.

Thank You Lord for another good day!


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