My Own Creation


My Own Creation

My mind swirls with questions left unanswered

and the promises of a future I’ve not yet seen.

The gift of this body, the vision of which,

was once perfect, I have since ruined.

Entrusted with its care for a brief period

all to show the destruction of which I am able.

How can the physical manifest that which is not tangible?

Conscious thought abounds within the confines of

this body made of blood, bone and meat.

But in what physical place does it live?

Electrical impulses claim credit for being,

and yet I’ve never heard electricity speak

a Word or think into being.

I am able to reproduce the physical being

and am overwhelmed by a love for my children.

But this body did not replicate that which is unseen,

for they are not the same as I.

Each life is unique in its application.

Every heart chooses to simply beat

or to feel that which is higher.

How awesome it would be to know the mind

of the Creator. The one who unites

the physical with the unseen, the known with the


My own creation I have no memory of,

I did not “see” it and yet it is a “fact”

for I am here. Yet I am unable to

grasp the concept of myself.

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