Psalm 25:1


Whether or not you believe animals have souls is not the purpose of this image.

This image was just so cute, I had to find a caption for it!  I pictured Alvin, Simon, Theodore jumping up and down and screaming, “Pick me, pick me, pick me!”  In their over-dramatic fashion. ~laughs~

Now I apologize if you don’t know who The Chipmunks were because I think you have been deprived of that privilege if that’s the case.

The fact is, many people are like that.  They jump up and down (even if only on the inside) screaming to God, “Pick me, pick me, pick me” thinking that if they can just do one more thing, then God will accept them.

The truth is, our God has done it all for US.  We can’t reach Him with anything we do, but He can and has reached down to us.  We don’t have to struggle with the impossibility of building our own bridge to God.  God has already given us a bridge to Him, the man, Jesus, who is the Christ, our Lord and Savior.

So the next time you raise up your hands to God, let it be in Praise!  Lift up your hands and say thank You Lord as you accept the free gift He is offering.

Lift up your soul to the Lord!


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