Esther 6

Chapter 6 is all about coincidences and humble pie!
The King just happened to have insomnia the night before Haman was going to ask him for permission to hang Mordecai on the gallows.
The King just happened to have his servants read to him from the chronicles, and the record read to him just happened to be about Mordecai.
The King just happened to check and see if Mordecai had been rewarded for his actions and learned he had not been.
Haman just happened to enter the outer court at this point.
I can picture the King pondering the good deed of Mordecai, as Haman walks in and the King, preoccupied in thought asks Haman what should be done to honor a man?
I can picture Haman’s eyes lighting up in delight as he misunderstands the King because he is so caught up in his own pride and vanity. Haman can’t imagine the King would want to honor anyone but the great Haman and so he answers with the most prideful and vain event that he himself would love to have happen.
The King drops the bomb and says go do it for Mordecai the Jew.
This part just makes me giddy as I picture Haman’s face, frozen in delight because he doesn’t want the King to know how horrified, humiliated and shamed he now is. I imagine one could hear a pin drop in that room.
So Haman does as the King ordered and parades Mordecai through the city, astride the royal horse, dressed in royal robes proclaiming all the while that the King honors Mordecai.
I imagine Haman would have bit his tongue off if he could.
I remember a time back in school when I was sure that I would win this one spot in a group that was going to get to go on a trip with the teacher. I worked so hard and got great grades and in my pride I was convinced that I was smarter than everyone else. What I failed to take into account was one or two papers I hadn’t gotten 100% on. Anyway, as the teacher called the 3 that were going to go on the trip with him, I was not one of them. I remember how my face burned, my stomach dropped, I felt cold and hot all at the same time. I was frozen. And then I had to eat humble pie and congratulate those who won. I had come in 4th and there was only room for the top 3.

I remember the feeling to this day and I thank God that He taught me that lesson early in life because I never had to go through that again.

Once done, Haman returned home to his wife and friends and had to eat that humble pie. They told him that if Mordecai was a Jew, Haman had no chance against him. And then the eunuchs came to fetch him for the 2nd banquet with Esther and the King.

How many of us have had to eat that same humble pie that Haman ate?  That I ate?  Pride and ego can act like blinders and block out the truth.  They can be so built up that when we see a situation, we see don’t see the truth of it but rather what we would want instead.  That is what happened to Haman.  That’s what happened to me when I was young.  That is what happens to many people and the dangerous part of it is this…when we are blind to the truth, we are blind to God because God is truth.

That’s scary!


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