Esther 3

First off, I ran across a website for research which has proven really useful so there it is if you want another reference.  I’ll list it on my Links page too.

Agagite – descendent of Agag (Amalekite King)

Saul disobeyed God and never killed all of them which is why God gave the kingdom to David. Had Saul obeyed God, Haman would not be causing problems now and the Davidic lineage would not be in jeopardy.

King A. promoted Haman over all the princes who were with him

No reason was given for this promotion so we don’t know why Haman deserved this honor

Haman – identified as Memucan, the one who advised the King to put aside Vashti (taken from further research into Haman) So, if true that Memucan is Haman, Haman was already in place as a close advisor to the King.
Mordecai refused to bow down and pay homage to Haman which violated the Kings command and enraged Haman – no reason is given as to why Mordecai refused to obey the King other than that he is Jewish

The Kings servants spoke with Mordecai daily but he wouldn’t listen to them

Mordecai finally told the Kings servants that he was Jewish, that being the reason he would not bow down and pay homage to Haman
How could the servants and others not know that he was Jewish? After years and years of exile, it stands to reason that the Jewish population mixed in with the Persian population. As exiles, the worship habits of the Jews were curtailed significantly because they were not in Jerusalem with their temple. So their differences would be a lot less noticeable. (from further research)

**Rabbinical Literature (see above website) It is said that Haman had an idolatrous image on his robes and that is why Mordecai refused to bow down because to bow down in front of Haman would be to worship the idol. (Not sure if this is true or not but this is not the first instance of a Jewish person refusing to bow down .. think of Daniel and his friends).

3:7 Pur, a lot (broken piece, poor) – Concordance

Hamas cast lots to determine the day of extermination.

Hamas was an astrologer and used this pagan ritual to find a day and month that would be favorable for him to succeed.
Hamas has to be patient and focused in his hate as he cast lots day by day, month by month from the first month all the way to the twelfth month until he found a day that didn’t favor the Jews.  The thirteenth day of the twelfth month.

As with the betrayal of Jesus, again, silver was part of this betrayal.

Hamas offered to pay the King for the right to exterminate the Jews however he saw fit and the King gave Haman His royal signet ring to sign the official letters that would go out throughout the lands.

3:11 It looks like the silver was offered to the King by Haman an then the King refused it, gave it back to Haman to do with as he pleased (?)  I’ll have to read up on this some more.  I’m not up on cultural customs and such.  Was the silver just a symbolic gesture only?

3:15 Couriers were sent out by the Kings command and a decree was issued at the citadel itself in Susa.  ~Interesting phrase here:~ and while the king and Haman sat down to drink, the city of Susa was in confusion.

Couple of things I notice in this verse:

The King really had nothing to do with the letters being sent out. That was all Haman using the Kings royal ring to authenticate the communications.

Now look how the entire city of Susa is in confusion.

The King pretty much gave away his authority (signet ring) to Haman. Haman is holding and wielding the power of the King with possession of THAT ring.

The reversal of roles between Haman and the King is confusing. How one man could suddenly hold so much power when he really is nothing more than a servant. Haman’s power is only his because it was “gifted” or “loaned” to him by the King but that would lead to confusion for those in the know anyway.  Then I start thinking of politics and political backstabbing and such.  I get this image of Haman working behind the scenes to gain followers to support himself etc.  Yeah, I can see this.

The city of Susa, which had lived and worked with the “Jews”, mingled, socialized, inter-married with them, would be confused at this edict. No one knew that Mordecai was a Jew until he told the servants. The King and Haman, they don’t know that the Queen is Jewish.

So Haman picks a day a year down the road for “extermination” of these “bad” people. That’s nice. It sounds like the provinces have their work cut out for them in determining just who is Jewish and who isn’t.

I think what I’m seeing with Haman is a chance for him to fulfill hundreds of years of animosity.  This is more than just a slight by one man, this is race against race.  A lot like we are seeing in the middle east  and other places in the world today.  It makes me wonder how much of this would have or could have been avoided had one man (Saul) obeyed God?

Then I have to automatically go to Adam.. how much of all this could have or would have been avoided if Adam had obeyed God in the first place?

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