Voice of One


The voice of One drones on in the background

deep reverberations felt through her shoulders

her head falls forward and her eyes do close

as tears burn a pathway down soft cheeks.

Her mind pushes through dark waves of memories

and her heart once numb, tightens in her chest

Deep stabbing pain courses through her spirit

As the voice of One convicts her lovingly.

She tries to hide behind closed eyes

but the reflection she sees is truth revealed

A river of pain and remorse and sorrow

flow out from her in wrenching sobs.

She cannot deny the truth, confessing brokenly,

in exhaustion she kneels, her palms uplifted

reaching for a sliver of hope in her darkness

knowing she deserves it not.

And in her submission, the Word embraces

flooding her darkness with light and peace

She raises tear drenched eyes to heaven

accepting the undeserved treasure.


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