Objective Proofs – Did Jesus Really Exist?

I started this blog as a way to record my own Bible Studies.  But with any studies concerning the Bible and Christianity, it was inevitable to come across the relatively new fad question, “Did Jesus really exist?”

I call it a new fad question because it was pretty much a non-issue until recently when atheism became the “cool” thing to follow.  However, every generation of Biblical Scholars since the time of Christ has scrutinized this issue, among other issues relating to the accuracy and inerrancy of the Bible and it’s accounts.

As I’ve said before, and you can read my own Testimony on another page of this blog, I am a new believer as of 2013.  I also had to research this subject and the subject of whether I could believe the Bible for myself.  I had to satisfy my own questions and put to rest my own doubts.  I did it after I came to faith though, not before I came to faith.  I say that point out that there is a difference.  A big one.

Prior to a person believing, they are still blind and their hearts are hardened to the truth, to faith, to certain insights that come with belief.  Now, that sounds like a made-up excuse for a lack of “evidence” but it really isn’t.  The evidence is there, but you have to look at the evidence as you would look at any other historical evidence.  Forget for a moment that it’s the “Bible” we’re talking about.  Forget for a moment that it’s “Jesus” we’re talking about.  It’s hard to do for non-believers because they know that the outcome of doing that is that they may change their beliefs, in other words, they may have been wrong all this time and what a blow to the pride and ego train huh?

That’s a truth that has hit all believers at some point.  At some point in our lives, prior to coming to faith, we were wrong.  And that’s just the truth.

Now back to the Objective Proofs.  I’m going to post a link to a website that helped me a lot.  The website list some well known non-Christian people way back when that have corroborated the existence of Jesus Christ.  And yes, some of the accounts (like Josephus) is debated.  Others taken separately, are debated as well.  That isn’t the purpose of this website.  It’s not here to debate individual accounts til the cows come home.

Look over the website and take it as a whole and specifically focus on the point of the article where it brings up other historical figures and writings and what “evidence” is required for authentication of those and compare that to the Bible.

The website is http://beginningandend.com/jesus-exist-historical-evidence-jesus-christ/

Now I didn’t just go to this website and call my research done.  I actually read many books on the subject, visited 100’s of websites dealing with one aspect or another that sparked a doubt in me and I also talked to non-believers and believers alike to figure out different viewpoints and the “why’s” behind them.

One of the books I read that also helped me out immensely is called Cold Case Christianity  and you can look that over here http://coldcasechristianity.com/

I like that book because it was laid out in an easy to read manner and very methodical.

If you look around you’ll find 1,000’s of websites and books dealing with “Proof”.  And the reason there are so many now is:

  • a. the internet makes things easy
  • b. anyone can publish anything now for basically free
  • c. atheists are more outspoken now than they ever were (speaking of the US)

For myself, I didn’t need tangible proof so much.  All the t’s didn’t have to be crossed for me to come to Christ.  Each person is different though and each person requires their own level of “proof” in order to believe and you know what?  That’s OK.

Another book that gave me chills (because of the ribbon that winds it’s way through thousands of years of writing, from beginning to end of the Bible) is Messiah in the Feasts of Israel by Sam Nadler


Now this book doesn’t really fit into “Proof’s” category but the knowledge it contains, applied to the Bible, well…I don’t know how to describe it, other than maybe supernatural in its application.  In order to understand this you have to understand that the “Bible” is really 66 different books, written by different people, at different times in history spanning over 1000 years, from different locations.

There is no way it could mesh a single theme throughout it’s pages naturally, could it?  Well, it does.  And it is beautiful!

I know that if you’re not a believer right now, my little blog isn’t enough to convince you.  But I’m hoping that if your heart is open enough to read through it and look through the links, maybe read the books listed, maybe you’ll be a couple more steps closer to belief, maybe a couple of your unanswered doubts will be put to rest.  Either way, just know that someone cares.



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