1 Peter 1

1 Peter

Who wrote this letter: At first glance we assume Peter, apostle of Jesus Christ (apostle means one who was sent out by someone) however, the authorship of 1 Peter is in dispute… http://www.earlychristianwritings.com/1peter.html
Who was this letter written for: Those who are chosen by God the Father and reside as aliens scattered throughout Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, Bithynia
Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, Bithynia are in Asia Minor (Anatolia) or the Asian part of Turkey…
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anatolia It is sandwiched between the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea.
This verse is explaining more about who this letter from Peter is for. It is written to those who are aliens scattered throughout Anatolia, who are chosen …
…according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, by the sanctifying work of the Spirit, to obey Jesus Christ and be sprinkled with His blood
Talk about God having a plan! God the Father knows every person who is chosen to follow Jesus Christ, who is chosen to be saved… God knows. I love this verse. I love the security of knowing that I am part of Gods plan and even though I may screw up everything else… believing in Jesus Christ is not one of the things I’ve screwed up. The timing.. maybe. Only God knows. But I submitted myself to my Lord prior to my death so I got that part right in my life (laughs)  I love this verse!
Peter is praising God, the Father of Jesus Christ, for His great mercy.
Why? Because without God’s awesome mercy, there would be no hope of salvation for us.
Peter is reminding believers scattered throughout Anatolia of the promise of salvation and an inheritance, a place reserved in heaven for them. He reminds them to rejoice in this living hope. Peter is acknowledging that they are going through various trials, and reminds them that just like gold is made more pure as it goes through the fire…so is their own faith becoming more pure going through their own trials. Peter reminds them to rejoice and gives praise and honor and glory to Jesus Christ.
And though you have not seen Him, you love Him, and though you do not see Him now, but believe in Him, you greatly rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory, obtaining as the outcome of your faith the salvation of your souls.
Many of the people Peter is writing to are being persecuted for their belief and faith in Jesus Christ. We don’t know in what form that persecution is coming.. it could be simple disdain from non-believers all the way up to death. 1 Peter doesn’t say in what form the trials are and it doesn’t really matter. The message is the same… keep your heart and mind on Jesus Christ and what that means after this life. Don’t let the trials of this life get in the way of your faith and put in jeopardy your soul.
At first this paragraph made no sense to me. I don’t know if I was reading it wrong or what but it seemed to just fly right over my head so I went looking online to shed some light on these 2 verses and this is the gist of what I’ve come up with.
Basically, it’s saying that the prophets of old, who were spending a bunch of time prophesying about Jesus…figured out that He wasn’t coming in their own lifetimes. So the prophesies they gave didn’t benefit themselves. The grace which Jesus Christ gives wasn’t for them as Jesus came much later.
Anyway, that’s what I think those two verses are talking about, I may be wrong.
1: 13-16
He then goes on to boost them up and remind them to keep holy. To not turn back to the way they were before they believed. He is reminding them to be obedient to Christ.
He goes on to remind them of the importance of the blood of Christ to believers. Believers were not redeemed with perishable (temporary) things like silver and gold. We were bought, yes, but we were bought or redeemed through Christ’s eternal sacrifice of blood. We must never forget the eternal implication of Christ’s sacrifice.
Another reminder to love one another. We were born again through the word of God which is imperishable. A reminder that we (our flesh) is temporary and will die but the word of the Lord endures forever.
Chapter 1 seems to be mostly about boosting up believers. Gentle reminders of Christ’s eternalness. Gentle reminders that though we may suffer in this life.. it is temporary. We need to keep our eyes on God. Life tends to get in the way of our faith at times, because we let it. This chapter is a reminder not to let life interfere with God’s love and promises for us. Life is vapors but God is forever and through Christ we have been promised eternal life.

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