2 Peter 3

I’m focusing on the word studies mainly because I need to look these words up to understand what I’m reading. I guess, I can understand what I’m reading but I’m so focused on trying to understand “ALL” of what I’m reading, all depths…looking up the words makes me slow way down and think about all the possible applications of the words.
For a girl who hates semantics, this is just ridiculous. (laughs)
So bear with me if I’m not real great at the life application part yet. I will get there slowly.
Anyway, on to the chapter.
Verses 1-2
Peter reminds the believers that this is the 2nd letter he’s written as a reminder to them of the words spoken previously by the prophets and also the commandment of the Lord and Savior “spoken” by your apostles.
Couple of things:
“spoken” in verse 2 is Greek “Proereo” and means to say already or predict. So this word used here goes hand in hand with this letter being a reminder and also when speaking about what Jesus and the prophets had said. (Obviously they spoke previously)
What I also noticed is the use of the words “your apostles”. This is possessive and very personal. The apostles were not their own and on many occasions referred to themselves as being purchased or slaves or bond servants of Christ. The apostles were personable and didn’t belong to themselves in their own minds or hearts or in their deeds and speech. Always they reminded believers that they do not belong to themselves in any way. As they belong to Christ, so do they belong to their brethren.
Verses 3-9
“Mockers” can mean false teachers according to Strong’s Expanded Exhaustive Concordance which seems to fit these verses too.
“Lusts” can encompass all sorts of forbidden desires, not just of the body.
Verse 4
The term “fathers fell asleep”:
Fathers = pater= nourisher, protector, upholder used in this verse as more remote ancestor or forefather
fell asleep = koimaomai = decease= death of the body but only referring to those that are of Christ, not referring to not believers or those not saved.
Verse 9
The word “repentance” in the NT means turning away from sin and turning to God.
Many times I’ve heard the word repentance used in conjunction or interchangeably with “restitution” but that is not the meaning of the word “repentance” according to my concordance. Obviously, making restitution where you can is not a bad thing. We all want to make things right when we can, but we shouldn’t confuse the important issue of “repentance” by immediately bringing up the act of restitution. They can go hand in hand but they do not “have to” go hand in hand.
Repentance is a necessary “thing” for believers. We have to make the choice to turn away from sin and turn to God instead. This is what is meant when someone is saved. We die to our old lives (turn away from sin) and are reborn (turn to) God instead.
Looking up the word salvation in the concordance it says: Of the spiritual and eternal deliverance granted immediately by God to those who accept His conditions of repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus in whom alone it is to be obtained.
Verse 10
“the day of the Lord will come like a thief” is speaking about the Day of Judgment upon the world.
“elements” = the substance of the material world
Verse 16
“unstable” = vacillating, unfixed, unfastened
Verse 17
“steadfastness” = stability, fixedness… this seems to be the opposite of “unstable”
So after all my word studies it boils down to this:
Verses 1-2 Peter reminds them this is the 2nd letter of his to remind them of important things.
Verses 3-9 Peter warns them of false teachers “mockers” who will try and lead them astray from the truth and put in jeopardy their eternal salvation. Peter lets them know that God is not “slow” as some might say…but God is patient. He’s patient because this is the time for all to come to salvation and God is giving us all time to come to Him.
Verses 10-18 Peter warns that the day of the Lord is going to come and the world and all that is in it will burn up and pass away. He’s giving believers a wake up call. The day of Judgment will come and no one knows when. Basically, wake up and quit acting in ways that would displease God because you don’t know if you’ll have the time to correct your behavior before He comes. If we have to wait, be glad because God is giving all His people time to get right with Him before Judgment comes.
Peter is telling the believers to hold tight to the truth as they were taught by the apostles and the prophets of old. Do not be led astray by those who doubt. Don’t vacillate in your beliefs. Don’t doubt what you know.
Continue to live in a way that is pleasing to God no matter who might laugh at you and keep the knowledge that a new heaven and earth are coming. It’s a promise.

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