Deuteronomy 5:7


False gods come in many shapes and sizes.  In the US, a major false god for many is Money.  It changes people and rarely in a good way.

Jesus warned us about having too much money.  He said it’s super hard for those with a lot of money to enter the kingdom of heaven.  I think there are many reasons for this, one of which is that in order to make a lot of money, a man (or woman) needs to make a plan and stick to it.  On the one hand this is a good thing.  On the other hand, if it means ignoring a call from God in order to stick with your plan, you just put Money over God.  Not a good thing.  You are living in the world too much.

Money has a way of never being enough.  If you have no money, you want some.  If you have some money, you want more.  When you get more money, it’s not enough and you need more.

When does it ever become enough?  This god, this thing, money.

We see billionaires on the news giving to this charity or that foundation.  That’s a good thing.  But when they slip into their own personal limo, to take them to their own personal jet, to fly them to one of their own personal mansions of which they have 3 around the world, that same 1/2 million or 1 million, shoot or even 10 million, doesn’t seem like such a good thing anymore.  In fact, that’s like me tipping a waitress $1.00 for a $50 meal.  Ouch!

Knowing that an entire country on earth could have food and water and healthcare with the generosity of just 1 billionaire, well that would be something to see.

If only Money didn’t take the place of God.

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