2 John

So I had a bit of word study all done and my chapter notes all typed out when my computer when all haywire and I lost it all.  So you guys get the condensed version which for 2 John simply means minus the word study.
This chapter is straight forward to me.
John is writing to an unidentified Christian lady and her children.  The way John talks about some of her children walking in truth leads me to think of some of her children as adult children.  Perhaps the rest are younger or just have not chosen to believe yet.
I know she is a Christian woman because John refers to her as “chosen”.  Another word could be “elect”.
Anyway, John is writing to her without identifying himself too.  He refers to himself as elder.  Everything is very vague in this letter.  It’s more of a note than a full-fledged letter.
Apparently, this lady makes a habit of being hospitable and taking travelers into her home which was customary back then.  With travelling evangelists and also travelling gnostics common in that time period.
John warns her not to allow the anti-christs into her home.  Not to show them hospitality for that enables their evil.
That is basically what this “note” is about.  It’s a warning to her about the anti-Christ’s roaming about.  He says in this note that he has many other things to say but would rather do it face to face.
John is protective of her and her children.  I think he is keeping everything vague in case the letter is intercepted during transit.  John doesn’t leave any incriminating evidence for whoever might read this letter.  Nothing to tie it back to himself or to the lady.
He signs off by sending greetings from the children of another chosen lady.  Believer to Believer…coded messages….spreading love and hope.
This is how it will be in the end times.  Vague letters, coded for protection, nothing incriminating left behind….in many parts of the world today this is exactly how Christians communicate with each other because of the persecution.  It is difficult for me to understand how this can be in modern times and yet all I have to do is look online and see the persecutions by ISIS to know it’s happening right now.
My prayers are with our sisters and brothers around the world who do not have the freedom we do to share our beliefs openly without fear.
Someday, that may be us.

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