Romans Chapter 9

Romans Chapter 9
  1. Names of God/Jesus/Holy Spirit (I underline these in purple)
  2. Christian commandments and tips and advice on how to live as a follower of Christ. (I put a green star in the margin and use green parenthesis.)
  3. Sins and actions not worthy of believers (here I make an upside down triangle in the margin in black and also use parenthesis in the text.)
  4. References to the passion of the Christ, His sacrifice and any references that have to do with salvation (I mark a red cross in the margin and use red parenthesis).
  5. God’s love and mercy and grace (pink heart of course and also pink parenthesis)
  6. Future events and promises, things that we won’t know “for sure” until we die (open blue arrow and blue parenthesis
And this is how that system played out for me with Chapter 9:
Most of the references to God in this chapter use the Greek word “Theos” which is basically a “generic” term for “God”. Paul uses it mainly when referring to God the Father. Verse 28 and 29 are quoting (but not quoting exactly) the words of Isaiah and the titles used are “the Lord” in verse 28 and “Lord of the Sabaoth”. I looked up both references and found that “Lord” is Kurios in both instances. Kurios is the Title reserved for God, the Messiah. This is cool because these verses were “summarizing, some quoting” of Isaiah in the OT…the verses talk about the Remnant being saved .. so these verses are actually prophetic. In verse 29 “Sabaoth” was used instead of the word “Hosts” as it was in the OT. They both basically mean the same thing…Lord of Hosts and Lord of Sabaoth = Lord of the armies of Israel, as those who are under the leadership and protection of Jehovah maintain His cause in war.
Holy Spirit references were again Pneuma as in Chapter 8.
So I went back and read it again looking for advice, tips etc.
  • vs 3 shows us Paul wishing that he himself could be “accursed” (look that up in Strong’s for a real downer!) and separated from Christ for the sake of his brethren. This is how deeply and strongly all of us should feel for unbelievers because we know what it will mean for them to die without Christ.
Then I went through and read again to look for actions not cool for believers:
  • vs 19 Paul jumps down the throats of those who think they can question their Creator. Talk about arrogance! We were fearfully and wonderfully made (by God!). We didn’t make ourselves. We didn’t design our bodies or create something out of nothing. God did! We are God’s design and creation. If God is the Creator (as we believe)…if we are living for God (as we believe)…if God is in control (as we believe)… and if God IS (as we believe)…how could we, or any puny little human piece of mud and clay, be so arrogant as to Question the Great I AM…ummm Why??? If our Creator wants to share with us the why’s and how’s and what for’s of things, He will do so … in His time and according to His will…not ours.
  • Vs 32 Paul contrasts the Gentiles and Israelites here. One arrived at righteousness by faith…the other forgot to arrive at that law by faith and instead focused on works. Not cool for believers.
Looking at Christ’s works and our salvation now:
  • vs 22-28 I marked these verses as salvation(ish). The first few verses talk about how it’s God’s right to make some vessels for destruction and others for mercy and with the contrast between the two He is able to display His grand mercy and such. It’s the whole debate of how there has to be good and evil in the world, otherwise how would you recognize what good was? Or what evil was? If you didn’t have anything to compare it with? How can there be a balance if there are no opposites? The entire universe and beyond is made up of opposites and contrasts and balances. God is a great designer because without all the this and that’s, here and theres, black and whites, push and pulls, we’d have nothing. He goes on further down to semi-quote Isaiah who is talking about the Remnant of Israel being saved.
Love of God verses…these verses made me feel good 🙂
  • vs 8 – children of the promise are regarded as descendants
  • vs 15 – 18 God will have mercy on whom He will have mercy and compassion on whom He will have compassion… It’s all up to Him. And He will harden whom He desires. If you think about the clay analogy…clay that has been hardened and dried is useless and cannot be used.
  • Vs 22 – 29 Big block of verses here. These same verses that spoke of “salvation(ish)” also give me warm fuzzies because God says that He will call those that were not His people, His people. Yay! It opened the door for all of us to be called the children of God.
Many of these verses are difficult to read and understand at first. But…it goes back to knowing whom we serve. The God we serve is something “other”. (Taken from Pastor Ged, Calvary Chapel Montesano). I love that phrase. Something Other. It’s true. God is not a man, no matter how much we would like Him to be. Yes, Jesus came to earth and lived as a man on earth, however Jesus was also sinless and perfect and a sacrifice for sin. So that’s not really a good comparison there. God cannot be put in a box. People say the God of the OT is blood thirsty and a monster for some of the things He did and requested (telling Abraham to gut and burn up his own son on an altar for the purpose of appeasing God?) Yeah, that’s a rough one to swallow. The reason? So Abraham’s faith could be tested, his obedience to the one true God? Yep. This is the God we serve. It is the SAME God who gave His only son as a perfect sacrifice to take away our sins as well. A total act of love. The SAME God that wiped everything and everyone but Noah and his off the face of the planet. Yep. We serve a God that is something “Other”. His ways are not our ways and we will not understand His ways many and even most of the time. That’s the reality because WE are not God, nor will we ever BE God. We are adopted sons and daughters but Jesus Christ is the true heir and King forever and ever. While we will share in inheritance with Him, we will never BE Him or even come close to taking His place. God cannot fit into any box that our puny minds could design. We cannot label Him as this or that because we could never do justice to WHO He IS.
Future events, promises .. things we won’t know til later:
I counted 6 separate area’s in this chapter that speaks to future events and promises etc. that we can’t know for sure til later on. I’m not going to list them all here but if you want to you can reread the chapter and look specifically for things that we take on faith or for things we think will happen in the future.
Obviously I didn’t type out every single thing. But you get the gist of what my study entailed.

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