Romans Chapter 7

Romans Chapter 7
Verse 1 begins by telling us who Paul’s audience is: those who know the law. So Paul is addressing these comments to fellow Jews. He states that the law (or Torah as the Complete Jewish Bible uses for the word law) only has jurisdiction over a person as long as he lives. Then he gives an example of a married woman being bound to her husband only until death and then she is free.
Verse 4 shows Paul relating this example to Jewish believers in Christ. How they die (set free of) to the Torah (or law) so that they can be joined to another, Christ for a specific purpose…so that they might bear fruit for God. So there is a dying to the old (Torah), a rebirth and joining to the new (Christ), and the proof of this (bearing fruit for God).
Paul then reminds them of what the path was prior to Christ. While under the Law (submitting to Torah), Torah ignited sinful passions (fleshly bodies ruled in sin), bearing fruit for sin (bringing us death.)
Verse 7 is Paul explaining that Torah is not bad. It was necessary because without Law he wouldn’t have come to know sin. However, with knowledge comes desires (the forbidden fruit) and we sin all the more. This too was necessary.
~~I keep thinking about enemies. You can’t defeat an enemy without first being able to recognize who or what the enemy is. If you can’t see it, how can you defend against it?~~
Verse 14 goes into Paul explaining about our human condition. We are spiritual and fleshly at the same time and naturally there is a war going on inside us. The flesh knows sin and wants to partake in that party but the mind (our consciousness) is spiritual and knows and loves the Law of God. Our minds do not always win out over our flesh.
~~This is why true believers, those who are saved, still sin. It sounds as if Paul is making excuses here but he is simply telling the truth. While in the flesh, we are still going to sin. There is no getting around that. True believers feel awful when they know they’ve sinned and repent and keep moving forward in their walk with God. What is so unnerving is that for every sin we see in ourselves, there are probably 1000’s we’ve committed and don’t see. All the more reassurance of our need of a Savior.
~~I really like how Paul is being real here. He’s not putting on airs or trying to be “better” than he is. He admits his faults (the ones he can see himself) and explains himself. He doesn’t lie or try and hide his own faults. I admire that. It is what I am trying to do in my own life. I’m trying to keep things real. Paul was a murderer of Christians (mass murderer). But he turned around, repented, swallowed his pride, and became a very vocal proponent of Christianity. The transformation is amazing and miraculous. He went from being an enemy of Christ to being a child of God. He died to Torah and joined to Christ and was bearing fruit for God.

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