Psalms 37:6

He will make your innocence radiate like the dawn, and the justice of your cause will shine like the noonday sun.
Psalms 37:6 NLT


Topical -Discouraged

I am playing around with a scanner app and it seems to work great.  My hand-writing may not be great but there’s just something about paper and pen that makes everything more personal, more real.  

With all the Bible apps for my phone, I had gotten away from just sitting down with my Bible and paper.  I missed it. So I’ll be scanning in my notes for my collection of Bible studies as well as typing some out too.  I find I can never have too many notes!

Appreciate the ease technology gives us, but don’t let it fully replace the old ways.  There is simple joy and peace in spending time in study and reflection.

Blank Bible Study Sheets

Here are few more blank study sheets to work with:

Blank Character Bible Study

Blank Topical Bible Study

Blank bible study sheet

I’m using these with my 10-year-old son as well.  He just finished some workbooks (Bible Detective series) so we are moving on to more grown-up studies.  By keeping the questions vague and open, it allows him (and me too) to slow down while reading the Bible so that we stop and think about what we are reading.

So often when I’m reading the Bible, I go so fast and burn through chapters that by the time I’m done, I’ve really gotten very little out of my time with the Word.  It’s hard for me to slow down and savor the Word.  But that is what I need to do…slow down and savor the Word, like a great meal, so that it can fill me up.

These sheets allow me to do just that.  In fact, they force me to.  I wind up reading the chapter or passage once.  Then I go back through with a question in mind, then I may re-read it a third time with another question.  By the time I’m done, I’ve spent a lot of time in thought, in prayer, that I feel I really “know” this passage.  I’ve given it time to rest on my heart and mind.

That’s basically all these worksheets do, they allow me to slow down.  There are no right or wrong answers.  There is no pressure of passing or failing.  There is only time spent with the Word.